This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.
Exception Reporter presents a user with a dialog that contains technical details of an exception and gathers details about the system that might help a developer to pin-point the issue. Most importantly, it allows the user to send an Exception Report with all relevant details to the developer.

For a quick idea on how to start using it, see Sample Usage.

Basically Exception Reporter is the dialog you see, with the functionality (and programmatic support) for those buttons email/save/copy to enable the user to create or send a report. The interface is configurable, so the developer can tailor the appearance for things like what's written on labels and whether to show/hide certain information tabs.

There are also features to help a developer get all information required and to help a user to easily send the report. Like, an email address can be configured (to send the report to); whether a screenshot is taken automatically and whether any other files (appropriate to your situation) are attached as well (if the user is using the email option).


The Exception Reporter Project is hosted at after being hosted at SourceForge by the original author, Phillip Pettit, who first wrote it as commercial software in 2004 under the company name StrataLogic. It was then known as SLSExceptionReporter.


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