Project Description
ExceptionReporter is a .NET component that shows a dialog with detailed information on an Exception and the application/system running it. It allows the application user to copy, save and/or email a textual report of the incident.

ExceptionReporter Demo App
Most things can be configured: whether buttons have images, what text appears in the labels, font-sizes/colors, which tabs are shown etc
Contrasting configuration
There are no images on the buttons, the window title is customised and an extra Tab (Contact) is visible

Recent Features

  • Added Less/More detail button - toggles between showing just the exception message or the dialog as normal (for users who get confused with too much information)
  • Support for multiple exceptions (ie a list of exceptions)
  • A custom message can override the main message (ie Exception.Message)
  • Screenshot saved as jpeg format (rather than .bmp) to reduce file size
  • Attach any files to the optional email message (just add to the FilesToAttach array with the full path & those files will be automatically attached to the outgoing email (MAPI or SMTP)

A WPF/XAML version of ExceptionReporter is in progress. Please feel free to download the source and contribute (eg submit a patch)

Special thanks to CALUMO for contributing developer time to this project.

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